Avid traveller, nature lover, compulsive foodie and above all a local explorer!

Hi there,

Get your cameras ready, strap on your walking shoes, and come on a journey with me as I take you out to explore the real side of the city! Leave behind your guide books and your ideas of Bangalore and together we will explore the Bengaluru I love. One which is layered with stories, rich history, people who made it what it is, and culture. So much to experience and explore beyond the obvious.

An avid traveller myself, I know that when we travel to places, we often miss out on the local culture and experience, instead focusing on the guide book tick boxes. I started this venture in the year 2015 to show travellers the authentic flavours and hidden nooks of Bengaluru. I am “Bangalored” in the truest sense of the word, and I want to share my love for my city – where I was born and raised – with you. My aim is to make travellers feel at home by giving them a first-hand introduction to Bengaluru through its food, people, history, culture, customs and places. The tours enable you to not just feel a connect to this city, but will also give you a perspective about India as a whole. Helping people navigate through the city is what I do best and I look forward to showing you around while you are here in India!

See you soon.

Yours Truly
Founder and Explorer

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All our tours are guided through a friendly local explorer who will make you feel safe at all times while you go about enjoying our city.

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All tours conducted are exclusive and private to you/family/group. We conduct private tours all seven days of the week.

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We also tailor make tours based on your preferences and interests. Be it your budget, timing, or group size, you can do a free trip planning with us before deciding on the tours.


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There is no minimum number required for the tours, we conduct the tour even with solo travellers.

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Through our local explorers you will be able to explore so much more and visit places not found in the guide books.