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If you have a story to share or a question that has not been answered on our website or want details about any of the tours please get in touch with us via contact details listed below or fill in the form on the right.

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Is my tour private or shared if I pick any date?

Your tour will be a private one if you pick any date of your choice. Shared tours are listed on the calendar on specific dates and you can opt for those if you don’t want a private tour. In case you choose a different tour from the one listed on the calendar, we consider that a request for a private tour.

How do i book a shared tour?

Look up our calander for listings on shared tours and send us an email with all the details. Based on availability we will send a confirmation email to you.

How does customisation of tours work?

If you are looking at a different set of experiences, timings or schedule we can curate it for you. We will consult you to understand your needs better along with our suggestions and come up with a whole new itinerary just for you. This ofcourse will be considered a private tour with its own costing.

What is the minimum and maximum no. of people for a tour

We believe that even a single traveller is important to us. We have no minimum numbers. However single traveller price is much more than the price charged for two or more people. We take a maximum of 12 people on a vehicle tour and 15 people on a walking tour.

How safe are the tours?

Your journey with us is through known neighbourhood and places where we believe are safe for travellers. At no point in time do we like to put you in any risk. Our guided tours ensure you feel safe with us at all times.

Is my guide a professional one?

Your guide is a local explorer who understands the city, its neighbourhood, its culture and not someone who knows it all. We continually strive to gain knowledge and also seek from others – after all learning is a life long journey.